H B OME UILDERS A SSOCIATION NEWSBRIEF The Official Newsletter of the Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest IL The Voice of the Homebuilding and Remodeling Industries in Southwest Illinois. Representing Bond, Calhoun, Clinton, Greene, Jersey, Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair Counties March 2016 issue www.hbaswi l .org CONSUMERS IN NEED OF INDUSTRY SERVICES & PRODUCTS AT THE HBA HOME SHOW! On behalf of the Home Show Committee, we would like to thank those that participated! From the exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers this event wouldn’t be possible without your support and involvement. Consumers were lined up at the doors each day waiting for the show to open so they can talk with the wide variety of exhibitors. Exhibitors were happy to share their positive feedback of their experiences with the focused consumers that visited the show. IN THIS ISSUE  March 15th: PWB - Mayor Adomite of Troy  May 6th: Sport Clay Shoot  2016 Spring Home Show Review  2015 Local New Home Start Permit Reports  News Homes on Parade Marketing Campaign  Member Rebate Information  Membership Update  Many Industry Updates  Annual Sponsorship Recognition  March Calendar Early Bird reservations for the 2017 Spring Home Show are taken thru May 2, 2016. Contact the HBA office to reserve your booth today! Home Show visitors were happy to share canned goods and other donations for the local Community Interfaith and First Baptist Food Pantries & Violence Prevention Center throughout the weekend allowing our organization help those in need.

Spring Home Show Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this event possible and for showing their commitment and support to the industry along with our communities! Corporate Sponsors Kid Zone Sponsor Lanyard Sponsor Community Service Sponsor Over 900 lbs. of can goods were donated to the Faith Baptist Church Food Pantry and Community Interfaith Food Pantry along with many household items for the Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois! 2

Private Lunch with Tuesday - March 15th Mayor Allen Adomite of Troy Join HBA members as we learn more about the , 2016 11:30a to 1:00p Butterfly Patio 904 Edwardsville Rd Troy, IL 62294 City of Troy  Housing & Business Starts • 2012 IRC Code Enforcement (267 Housing starts over the last 5 years)  Triad School District • Community Activities  and much more!! Allen Adomite is a native of Troy and a 1993 graduate of Triad High School. Allen attended the University of Missouri and graduated in 1997 from the School of Journalism and a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science. He continued his education in 2001 at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville with a graduate internship in City Management and graduated with a Master's degree in Public Administration and Policy Analysis in 2003. In the past 15 years, Allen has served in several different capacities in local, state and federal government, as well as work in advocacy-related non-profits. Allen has been the principal researcher and author of several important studies and reports regarding the Illinois civic justice system. His work has been featured by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), as well as cited by the Manhattan Institute's Center for Legal Policy, ABC's 20/20, the Washington Post and the New York Times. In 2003, Allen was honored with the legal Watchdog Award from the American Tort Reform Association. Allen has had the privilege to serve as staff for the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois State Comptroller's Office, and for our local congressman John Shimkus. Allen was elected as Mayor of Troy, IL, in April 2013. Previously, eight years as Alderman and three years as Mayor Pro-Term. # of reservations ____@ $25 per HBA Member includes lunch Company Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone# & Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Name(s) of attending: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ___Amount enclosed or payment below ___Will pay at the door (no shows will be invoiced) ___Invoice company Charge to Visa/MasterCard Number*: __________________________________________ Exp Date ______ *credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee Mail to: HBASWIL, 6100 W. Main Street, Maryville, IL 62062 –or- Fax to: 3 Signature _____________________________________ (618) 343-6335 HBA Policy: Registration for the HBA Event is considered confirmation of your participation and will be invoiced if cancellation is not made within 3 days of the event.

Spring Home Show Pictures Ameren Illinois Act on Energy Archway Cooling & Heating Associated Bank Bath Fitter Belleville CertaPro Painters News-Democrat Chesley Fence & Deck Coach House Garages Crown Roofing Custom Marble Daech & Bauer Roofing Eagle Flooring Electro Door Systems Everlast Home Improvements FCB Banks Firstco Mortgage Fence & Deck Depot, Inc. Fulford Home Remodeling Goley Insulation Heartland Turf Farms 4 Helitech - Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Friday, May 6th 2016 8:00 am Registration NILO FARMS 15025 IL-111, Brighton, IL (618) 466-0613 “One of our Nations finest hunting & shooting facilities” $105 each registration “loaded” with: 100 Rounds of Sporting Clays, Ammo, Drinks, Lunch and Friendly Competition (Protective eye wear required) ___ $105 per Sport Clay Shooter ___ $250 Snack/Soda Station (limited to 3 ONLY) ___ $200 T-shirt Sponsor ___ $150 Score Sheet Sponsor ___ $100 Station Sponsor ___ 1 Raffle Ticket for $20 ___ 3 Raffle Tickets for $50 Bang for your Buck Opportunities Snack/Soda Cart Sponsor………....…….$250 Signage & opportunity to meet with all shooters T-shirt Sponsor…………………………….$200 Logo on the back of shirts for all shooters Score Sheet Sponsor…………….......…..$150 Logo on all score sheets Station Sponsor…………….….…….. …..$100 Company Name on signage at a station Gun Raffle ($1,000+ value)….…….. Sponsored by 1 ticket for $20 or 3 for $50 ~ limited # of tickets sold or $750 cash for the non-shooting enthusiast Winner does not need to be present to win ALL SPONSORS welcome to “man their stations” and will receive 1 comp lunch at the event. Contact the HBA to make arrangements Registration: complete the following information and return it to the HBA office (please print) TOTAL DUE $ _______ Method of Payment: ___Member Invoice ___Check ___Visa/MasterCard* *credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee Credit Card# _________________________________________________ Expiration: ______ Signature: _________________________________ Company Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ HBA Policy: Registration for the Sport Clay Shoot is considered confirmation of your participation and will be invoiced if cancellation is not made within 3 days of the event. _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ _________________________________________T-shirt Size______ Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois 6100 West Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 5 Office: (618) 343-6331 - Fax: (618)343-6335 www.hbaswil.org ~ Email: hba@hbaswil.org …..$20-$50 _______________________________ Phone#/Email: ___________________________________ Names of attendee(s)

Spring Home Show Pictures Henges Interiors Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors Klemme Construction Landscapes Unlimited Light Brite Distributing Martin Glass Midwest Carpet Cleaning Mill Hollow McCullough Flooring Munie Greencare Professionals New American Funding Otten Contracting, Inc. Padgett Building & Remodeling R.P. Lumber Thermo-Door Co. Trost Plastics 6 Woods Basement Systems

No Housing Bubble House prices are once again regularly in the news and have been rising for 43 straight months. In cities such as Boston, Denver and San Francisco, prices today are higher than they were during the peak of the housing boom. In other cities, while prices have not regained the ground they lost during the housing bust, they are rising smartly and are not far off the peak prices of last decade. That said, a housing bubble does not appear to be forming, and even if one is on the horizon, it certainly is not being credit-fueled, and thus is far less dangerous than what we recently experienced. While in a few cities home prices are at or above the highs of the housing boom, on average, home prices are still well below their previous peaks. Depending upon the house price index used, sales prices are currently 5% to 10% below their 2006 peaks, and at levels first observed in early to middle 2005, six to 12 months before they peaked. Moreover, after adjusting for inflation, house prices are about 20% off their all-time highs. At the current rate of house price appreciation, it will take another four years for inflation-adjusted house prices to fully regain their 2006 levels. Despite the rhetoric, house prices are not nearly as high as they are being made out to be. In addition, back in 2006, housing affordability was dismal. At that time, a family earning the median income barely had enough income to qualify for a conventional conforming mortgage for the US median-priced home. Today, that same household has almost 170% of the income needed to qualify for the median-priced US home. This is because house prices are lower and interest rates are substantially lower than they were almost a decade ago. 7 Two esoteric but very important financial measures reinforce the conclusions above. Both the price-torent ratio and the mortgage debt-to-GDP ratio have fallen precipitously. The price-to-rent ratio is similar to the price-to-earnings ratio for equities, and the higher it is, the more homebuyers are willing to pay up front to receive a flow of future rent payments. At the peak, the price-to-rent ratio was easily 50% above what it averaged between 1983 and 2000. Today it is about 10% above the 1983 to 2000 average level, and almost 30% below the 2006 peak. The ratio of all debt (most of which is mortgage debt) to GDP has fallen from 100% of GDP to 80% of GDP. Moreover, despite the recent run up in house prices, the mortgage debt-to GDP ratio has continued to decline. This reflects a return to prudent lending standards and reduced household leverage. Collectively the improvement in these ratios strongly suggest that we are not in the midst of a credit-induced lending bubble. In addition, housing starts remain about half of what they were during the prior peak. This means that our economy is far less dependent on residential construction activity than it was then. To review, while house prices are up, inflationadjusted prices are still years away from their peak levels. In addition, affordability remains high and both the price-to-rent and mortgage debt-to-GDP ratios are much lower than they were. These four indicators collectively indicate that there is probably no housing bubble, and even if there is one, it is not the result of increased household leverage, which is what primarily precipitated the last housing bust. Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs, LLC and can be reached at Elliot@graphsandlaughs.net. His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at www.econ70.com.

2015 LOCAL NEW HOME START PERMIT REPORTS Madison County, IL 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Monroe County, IL 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 St. Clair County, IL 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD Totals 866 738 589 359 371 272 300 381 257 344 50 56 31 14 18 11 14 21 11 10 67 59 40 9 29 13 10 24 11 21 76 91 61 32 35 26 32 24 16 36 72 70 66 25 42 33 27 29 67 32 85 90 61 42 34 27 15 23 21 38 85 67 40 39 31 33 26 31 11 33 64 73 59 39 31 29 20 39 22 35 81 54 92 33 31 31 58 37 15 37 85 59 51 42 45 20 26 34 27 32 80 40 38 34 25 19 22 86 27 25 62 45 33 30 29 16 30 15 15 29 59 34 17 20 21 14 20 18 14 16 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD Totals 245 229 126 97 19 21 13 3 11 5 7 8 2 12 20 17 10 7 9 7 6 8 6 8 23 28 9 10 13 6 9 14 14 8 28 25 14 9 15 13 14 10 13 11 27 27 11 11 12 13 11 7 8 11 26 20 8 9 9 9 9 13 10 16 16 22 16 9 18 8 9 11 7 12 30 19 10 16 12 10 10 18 16 17 20 13 12 10 9 9 12 10 7 7 17 23 10 5 6 5 7 7 12 12 13 10 8 5 7 4 7 8 8 5 6 4 5 3 9 3 5 6 9 8 130 92 106 120 112 127 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD Totals 1458 1028 598 543 672 474 414 387 390 371 87 60 30 49 41 30 30 24 15 129 49 38 78 43 47 39 33 42 98 47 50 86 44 40 40 25 38 115 100 90 48 53 65 41 35 30 34 34 76 52 51 52 33 40 49 27 55 62 45 51 46 45 46 34 80 40 66 67 43 42 21 33 39 66 38 38 58 41 27 26 37 34 70 59 40 42 40 29 31 35 38 94 51 23 42 34 27 32 23 23 18 73 49 40 55 47 25 26 32 17 24 MarketGraphics provides the HBA with these permit reports. MarketGraphics offers many other housing and subdivision analysis reports. Contact them today to see how that can be of service to you directly. 8 142 104 106 134 123 166 149 147 121 99 93 63 17 50 26 27 30 34 28

SHARE YOUR SUPPORT of new homes built in the Metro East while saving BIG dollars on a full blown marketing campaign! Event Promotion Partner……....$1000 each For less than .025 per household you will receive recognition in print advertisements going out to over 100,000 consumers in St. Clair County & Madison County premier publications including a prominently placed full page ad in the New Homes on Parade magazine, HBA website hyperlinks, recognition in all event press releases, 1st right of refusal for 2017 Homes on Parade. (Valued at $10,000) Deadline for Partnership commitment April 15, 2016 Event Magazine Advertising ….…….. $500 full page ~ $250 half page …….……. Industry specific publication that will be placed in the BND and in-house at the builder participant homes. All ads will be in full color. Only ready-to-use ads can be submitted in .jpeg or .pdf. Choose the Builder page you want to be on! Deadline for Magazine Ad May 2, 2016 Participating Builders to be Announced - Previous Participants included: Barnes Properties ~ CMI Construction ~ CMG Custom Construction ~ Fulford Homes LLC Garrett E. & Herschel E. Johnson RE & Dev. ~ Homes by Deesign ~ McBride & Son Homes ~ Kappert Construction ~ New Tradition Homes ~ Spencer Homes ___Event Promotion Partner $1000 ___ Full Page ad $500 ___ Half Page ad $250 Company _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name ___________________________________ Email/Phone# _________________________________________ ⌂ Payment Enclosed ⌂ Invoice Company ⌂ Charge to credit card * 4% convenience fee will be added to credit card payments Charge to Visa/Master Card# ________________________________________________ Exp date: ________ Signature: ___________________________________________ The individual completing this contract warrants that he/she has been duly authorized to execute this binding agreement and the HBA Member Company will continue to fulfill these terms even if the individual ceases to be part of the HBA Member Company. SEND COMPLETED FORM TO: Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois 6100 West Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 Office: (618) 343-6331 - Fax: (618)343-6335 - Email: hba@hbaswil.org www.hbaswil.org 9 Full Page 7.25”W x 9.75”H vertical ad ONLY Half Page 7.25”W x 4.875”H horizontal ad ONLY

The National Association of Home Builders recently announced the winners of the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) – a prestigious awards program recognizing excellence in designs that will influence the entire residential building industry. Award recipients are lauded as the nation’s most creative and inventive builders, remodelers, architects, developers, land planners and interior designers. Below are some of the newest trends in home design that buyers will see in the coming months and years, based on submissions from this year’s BALA winners. Some of these elements are sure to inspire your next design project. Intimate Outdoor Spaces. Many single-family custom and production homes include intimate outdoor gathering spaces, complete with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits and cozy seating. These spaces are geared toward smaller gatherings, instead of the extended family-size backyards of the past. Mid-Century Modern Detailing. Mid-century modern is now 21st century chic in furniture, elevation design and detailing. Particularly in the western United States, this style has become increasingly popular. Indoor-Outdoor Convergence. What was once a distinct line between two living areas – indoor and outdoor – has been replaced by floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and screens. Families can both visually and physically move between these areas. Troughs and Spouts. Outdoor tables with open, trough-like water channels add interest, often culminating in a delicate waterfall off the edge of the table into a pool or water feature below. Interior Board and Batten. More often used as exterior cladding, board and batten is now being featured inside a large number of homes as well. This technique adds a threedimensional layer to interior finishes and provides an interesting alternative to paint and wallpaper. 10

Copper Bathtubs. These are a popular bathroom feature in several awardwinning homes. Copper tubs are a striking addition in any home, from rustic to modern to traditional. White with Exotic or Repurposed Wood Accents. Many winning interiors feature stark, modern white paired with rich wood accents, a striking combination in flooring, ceilings and cabinets. Modern Industrial Accents. Making its strongest appearance in multifamily projects, this trend combines sleek lighting and furniture with the brick, glass and steel elements of a building’s shell and skeleton. Vibrant pops of color offset the cooler color palette of metals and whites. Barn Doors. Barn doors are appearing everywhere, from kitchens to mudrooms to closets. These offer an alternative to traditional left- or righthung doors and become a design feature of the home, unlike pocket doors that tuck away. Intricate Stairways. Stairways have become more prominent and sophisticated. Designers increasingly feature curving glass railings, detailed iron newel posts, unique stair accent walls, glass treads and intricate tile work. Low-Impact Design. Many BALA winners and entrants included sustainable and green features in their designs, including permeable pavers, rain gardens and landscaping with native species. Waterfall Islands. Still trending are waterfall-edged islands, in which the kitchen bar is inset into the cabinetry rather than extended beyond it. These islands – whether made of wood, granite or marble – emphasize clean, modern lines. 11


February 2016 Renewed Members E.A. Knight Construction, Inc. Fence & Deck Depot, Inc. Germantown Seamless Guttering & Siding, Inc. Halloran Construction, Inc. Landscapes Unlimited L.D.C. Homes, Inc. McCullough’s Flooring Enterprise Mill Hollow LLC Providence Bank Rehkemper and Son Building Components Remodelers Council CertaPro Painters of Belleville Green Building Council Champion Waterproofing, Inc. Chesley Fence & Deck Co., Inc. J.T. McDermott Remodeling Professional Women In Building Council 1st National Bank of Waterloo Benchmark Title Company Brennan Building & Remodeling, Inc. C.A. Jones, Inc. Garrett E. & Herschel E. RE & Dev. Co. Gershman Mortgage Greener Visions LLC Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors TheBANK of Edwardsville February 2016 New Members Megan Bittle RSI Kitchen & Bath 9700 Manchester Rd St. Louis, MO 63119 Phone: (314) 961-2000 Email: mbittle@rsikb.com Website: www.rsikb.com Jason Chambers The Sherwin-Williams Co. 2145 Schuetz Rd., Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63146 Phone: (314) 997-3706 Email: jason.r.chambers@sherwin.com Website: www.sherwin-williams.com 13

A GREAT OFFER FOR NAHB MEMBERS FCA US LLC is pleased to announce a special $500 cash allowance toward the purchase or lease of many of the most popular vehicles in our lineup. Between the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram lineup and the FIAT® 500L, there's something for everyone. NAHB members and their employees can combine this stackable $500 cash allowance with most current retail incentives and choose an On The Job program allowance. Plus, same household family members receive a $500 cash allowance, stackable with most local and national retail incentives, toward the purchase or lease of a vehicle. NAHB member business owners and their employees also receive On The Job program benefits. Redeem this offer today! HERE'S HOW: When you’re ready to make a purchase or lease, follow these simple steps to ensure you’ll receive all your member benefits: 1. Shop the eligible FCA US LLC vehicles online or at any Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, or Ram dealership or FIAT® Studio 2. Working with the dealership salesperson, make your best deal – combining applicable local and national retail incentives and special programs 3. Inform the dealer and provide proof that you are a NAHB member, or you are employed by or an immediate family member of a NAHB member to receive an additional NAHB $500 Member cash allowance. Simply use the “Print my Proof of Membership” button above and take that form to the dealership. Eligible 2016 Model Year vehicles:  RAM: 1500, 2500, 3500 reg, crew, quad, mega cab trucks, 4500 and 5500 chassis cab  RAM: ProMaster and ProMaster City Cargo and Passenger Vans  CHRYSLER: 200/200C, 300/300C and Town & Country  DODGE: Charger, Dart, Durango, Journey, Grand Caravan  JEEP: Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Renegade  FIAT: 500L Ineligible Trim/Models: SRT, American Value, Base model Ram vehicles and Chrysler 200 This offer is available to eligible current National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) members, their owners and employees, and eligible family members residing in the same household. This offer provides a $500 cash allowance towards the commercial purchase or lease of select new 2016 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and FIAT vehicles that are delivered by 01/02/2017 and is not valid on prior purchases. On The Job (OTJ) incentives vary depending on model of commercial truck chosen and are not available to family members. See dealer for allowance and OTJ incentive details and eligibility requirements. ©2016 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. FIAT is a registered trademark of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., used under license by FCA US LLC 14

2016 HBA Home Show Corporate Sponsors OFFICERS President, Jeff Schmidt - RLP Development 1st Vice President, Dave Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Co., Inc. 2nd Vice President, Joe Lanahan - Joe Lanahan Construction Services Associate Vice President, Mindy Shafer - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 2016 Home Builders Association Platinum Annual Sponsors Secretary, Jerry Yaekel, Jr. - Yaekel & Associates, Inc. Treasurer, Robb Treat - New American Funding Immediate Past President, Chris Jones - C.A. Jones, Inc. 2016 HBA Gold Annual Sponsors 2016 HBA Silver Annual Sponsors DIRECTORS Jason Klein - Ameren Illinois Michelle Null - Benchmark Title Company Art Stumpf- AUTCOhome Appliances Joel Keel - Custom Floors & More Robert Dee Jr. - Homes by Deesign Joe Knox - Copious Technologies Beth Jacob - Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths Aaron Klemme - Klemme Construction Jason Huelsmann - New Tradition Homes Barbara Markham - RE/MAX Preferred, The Markham Network Mike Rathgeb - Spencer Homes Mark Vogt - Vogt Builders, Inc. 2016 HBA Bronze Annual Sponsors OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTORS Ken Diel - Diel & Forguson Mark Fulford - Fulford Construction Chris Matteo - Fulford Homes, LLC 15 John Snapat, CAPS, CGR - Fulford Home Remodeling Ron Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Norm Etling - Village of Shiloh

6100 West Main Street Maryville, IL 62062-6688 Office (618) 343-6331 Fax: (618) 343-6335 Email: hba@hbaswil.org WWW.HBASWIL.ORG 16

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