H B OME UILDERS A SSOCIATION NEWSBRIEF The Official Newsletter of the Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest IL The Voice of the Homebuilding and Remodeling Industries in Southwest Illinois. Representing Bond, Calhoun, Clinton, Greene, Jersey, Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair Counties December 2016 issue www.hbaswi l .org IN THIS ISSUE  FLSA Overtime Rules update  Installation of Officers & Over 120 players tested their music knowledge at the Annual Trivia Event! This year new features included a chance to double your points for an entire round and a surprise round for an additional 5 points. Everyone enjoyed having an opportunity to increase their score and take a chance on themselves. More event details and pictures of the fun filled evening can be found throughout this issue. Industry Awards Banquet invitation  Government Official Reception invitation  Trivia Night pictures  Public Directory Ad Rates  Luncheon with Mayor Graham of O’Fallon review  Home Show Involvement updates -Exhibitor Information -Community Support & Lego Contest Sponsorship Opportunity -Home Show Magazine Ads -Contractor ReSale information ~1st Place Winner ~ Team City of Carlyle Lake: City of Carlyle Mayor Mike Burton brought his A+ Team to conquer the night with a score of 74 and now has 2016 HBA Trivia Night winner bragging rights.  Membership updates  Annual Sponsorship Partners  More Industry updates  December Calendar

Southwest Illinois Home Builders Association Political Action Committee Warmly invites you to the Government Official Reception A private pre-party event to meet with local Government Officials From 5pm to 6:30 pm Friday, January 27, 2017 Four Pointes by Sheraton 319 Fountains Parkway, Fairview Heights Open bar and hors d’oeuvres Please respond before January 20, 2017 Send to: HBA, 6100 W. Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 - fax (618) 343-6335 - ph (618) 343-6331 Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________ Company: __________________________________________________________________ Number of Reservations: ___ @ $100 for individuals ___ @ $150 for couples Total Amount Paid: $ ________ Payment by check enclosed ___ Please bill me ___ If you would like to pay by credit card, please complete the following: Visa/Mastercard Card Number: ___________________________________________ credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee Exp. Date: _______ Signature ________________________ 2

Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois Cordially invites you to the Installation of Officers & Industry Awards Friday, January 27, 2017 Four Points by Sheraton 319 Fountains Parkway, Fairview Heights 6:00 pm Reception - open bar until 8pm 7:00 pm Program & Dinner - $65 per person Remodeler of Distinction Awards Lifetime Achievement Award Recognition of Outstanding Members Special guest for Officer & President Installation Barbara Markham EVENT GOLD SPONSORS Please respond before January 20, 2017 Name(s): _________________________________________________________________ Company: ________________________________________________________________ Number of Installation Banquet Reservations: ___ @ $65 per person Total Amount Paid: $ _______ Payment by check enclosed ___ If you would like to pay by credit card, please complete the following: Visa/Mastercard Card Number: ____________________________________________ credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee Exp. Date: __________ Signature ________________________________________ Send to: HBA, 6100 W. Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 - fax (618) 343-6335 - ph (618) 343-6331 Cancellation will be accepted 5 days prior to the Event. No refunds or credits will be allowed. 3 Please bill me ___

ANNUAL Trivia Event Trivia Night Committee: Chair: Michelle Null - Benchmark Title Company Patty Schnepel - Ambassador Floor Joe Knox - Copious Technologies Scott Gruber - First Clover Leaf Bank Jeff Schmidt - R.P. Lumber Shelly Leffler - Wells Fargo 4

Team Wells Fargo Home Mortgage just WANT TO HAVE FUN! ~ Cyndi Lauper style ~ 5 Door Prize

Trivia Fun 6

2017 Public Directory Advertising Rate Card THE HBA unique annual publication featuring affordable costs for members to share their industry segment with over 60,000 consumers The HBA Public Directory is an exclusive publication inserted in the Belleville News-Democrat shared on Sunday, January 22, 2017 to home owners featured in St. Clair & Madison Counties.   All ads are in full color! Collective Marketing benefit for HBA members ONLY  Only ready-to-use ads to be submitted in .jpeg or .pdf Deadline: December 19, 2016 Cost $775 $625 $525 $525 $375 $225 Public Directory (Homeowners Resource Guide) Rates Ad Size (vertical only) Full Page (7.25”W x 9.875”H) Full Page (7.25”W x 9.875”H) Full Page (7.25”W x 9.875”H) 1/4 Page (3.5”W x 4.875”H) Half Page (7.25”W x 4.875”H) 1/4 Page (3.5”W x 4.875”H) Ad Placement Back Cover Inside Front/Inside Back Cover Inside pages Front Cover (1 spot) 10 positions available 20 positions available All current HBA members will be listed by classified listing in this publication, additional advertising options and costs provided are not negotiable. Due to limited space restrictions in the Public Directory Insert, advertising reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis within the HBA membership. Public Directory Ad Purchase options: $775 Back Cover___ $525 Front Cover___ $625 Inside Front/Inside Back Cover___ $525 Inside Full pg___ $375 Half Pg___ $225 Quarter Pg___ Company ____________________________________________________________ Contact Name __________________________________ Total Ad Space Purchase $____________ Email/Phone# __________________________________________ ⌂ Payment Enclosed ⌂ Invoice Company ⌂ Charge to credit card (Visa/MasterCard ONLY) *credit card payments include a 4% convenience fee Visa/Master Card# _____________________________________ Exp date: ________ Signature: __________________________ Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois 6100 West Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 Office: (618) 343-6331 - Fax: (618) 343-6335 - Email: hba@hbaswil.org www.hbaswil.org 7

Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Rule By NAHB Now on November 23, 2016 In a victory for NAHB, a federal judge in Texas on Nov. 22 granted a preliminary injunction to delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule. The rule, which was scheduled to take effect Dec. 1, would double the minimum salary limit from $23,660 to $47,476. NAHB joined other business groups in filing a legal challenge to the overtime rule on Sept. 20. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. In addition, 21 states have also filed suit challenging the rule and the two lawsuits have been consolidated. The parties have filed motions for a summary judgment. While the injunction is only temporary, the ruling by Judge Amos Mazzant sent a strong signal that he could likely side with NAHB and our business coalition. “The State Plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success on the merits because the Final Rule exceeds the Department’s authority,” Mazzant wrote in his opinion. Working with House and Senate lawmakers and members of our business coalition, the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity, NAHB has been leading the effort to mitigate the effects of the overtime rule. In addition to the lawsuit, the association is asking Congress to phase-in the new salary requirements, as well as provide permanent relief from the rule’s provision to automatically update the salary threshold every three years. 8 As NAHB keeps working toward permanent relief, the association will continue to provide members with the tools they need to comply with the new overtime requirements in the event that the court rules against NAHB, our business coalition and the 21 state attorneys general. For more information, contact Felicia Watson at 800-368-5242 x8229 or Suzanne Beall at x8407.


Community Support & Lego Contest Sponsorship At the Home Show Community Support Sponsors give back to the local community with donations from consumers entering the Home Show to receive an admission discount while helping local food pantries and the Violence Prevention Center. Over the years the local food pantries have received over 4,000 lbs. of food and the Violence Prevention Center has received truck loads of household items that help them provide services to victims of domestic violence and their children. This year we are including a Lego Contest Sponsorship with the Community Support Sponsorship. This contest will give up to 320 junior builders a chance to compete in building a house out of Legos. Homes will be judged on creativity, structure and detail. This event is free for children meeting the age requirements with in two age groups. Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place This sponsorship cost is $500 which includes Logo/Company name recognition  On promotion of admission discounts  On-site at Home Show in several locations  On Logo registration form  On HBA Website year round  Social Media promotions  Press Releases in Belleville News-Democrat  Advertising in Home Show promotions in print & radio  Including 20 complimentary admission tickets Total marketing value of $5,000 (Please print or type as you want your name to appear on the show materials) Company Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Contact: _________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________ Email: __________________________________________________________ Invoice ____ (members only) Payment below ____ credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee Visa/MasterCard#_______________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________ Expiration Date:_________ Signature:______________________________ PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY FORM. Mail or fax (618-343-6335) your completed form by December 31, 2016 to: HBA, 6100 West Main Street, Maryville, IL 62062 10

2017 HOME SHOW EXHIBITOR & SPONSORSHIP PACKET Available at www.hbaswil.org SHOW HOURS: FRIDAY ~ SATURDAY ~ SUNDAY March 3rd - 2pm to 7pm • March 4th - 10am to 6pm • March 5th - 11am to 4pm SHOW LOCATION: Belle-Clair Exposition Hall 200 South Belt East (Route 13 & 159), Belleville, IL (618) 235-0666 Booth Costs $250 to $950 ~ Sponsorships from $500 to $5,000 HBA Home Show Floor Plan 11


Contractor Re-Sale Clear out your storage / warehouse while helping local building programs & Habitat for Humanity DONATION SUGGESTIONS  Appliances Cabinetry   Counter Tops   Doors   Discontinued Inventory Exterior Building Products Flooring Products  Home Décor Insulation     Lighting / Fixtures Lumber Paint Products  Tools  Windows CONTRACTOR RE-SALE MARCH 3, 4 & 5 Belleville Fairgrounds Complete the following form to make your commitment of donations. A friendly HBA rep will contact you between February 20th thru March 2nd to make arrangements for delivery Primary Contact: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Company Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________ Description of item(s): Large Medium Small ____ # of possible items Type of items donating: _____________________________________________________________________ Can deliver March 1st or 2nd  Will need to make drop off arrangements prior to Home Show  Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois 6100 West Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 Office: (618) 343-6331 - Fax: (618)343-6335 - Email: hba@hbaswil.org 13

A Recession is Unlikely The current US economic expansion is one of the longest on record, and, come March, will become the third longest in US history, dating back to the start of record keeping in 1854. As such, there is increasing concern that we are due for a recession. That concern has only heightened, given that the last downturn was particularly nasty. This fear is weighing not only on household spending, but, more importantly, on corporate spending on plant and equipment, holding back GDP growth and labor productivity. Fortunately, this concern is misplaced. Simply put, age is not what kills expansions. Rather, it is an overheating economy that generally results in a recession. When wages start rising swiftly, investment activity starts taking off, debt levels grow rapidly, asset prices become untethered to reality, commodity prices remain high, and inflation rises rapidly, the Federal Reserve invariably intervenes. In the attempt to cool things down, all too often the Fed raises rates too quickly or too much and accidently drives us into a recession. However, there is currently little evidence of any pre-recessionary economic exuberance. As a matter of fact, most of the economy is still behaving as if we were recovering from the recession rather than enjoying the boom times that come at or near the peak of an economic expansion. Growth, be it domestic or international, is subdued. Commodity prices are, with few exceptions, at or near cyclical lows, and bank lending is probably best described as solid. Moreover, inflation, while slowly rising, remains below the official Fed target rate of 2%. Lastly, while the unemployment rate is just 5%, wage gains are much weaker than they have been before previous economic downturns. This suggests that there is still slack in the labor market and that the Fed will not have to start raising rates quickly anytime soon. Spending by households and businesses is also not signaling a recession. Purchases of durable goods such as cars and dishwashers averaged 7.5% of GDP in Q2 2016, well below the 8.5% average that has persisted in years preceding recessions. Private investment spending on new home construction, business related software and equipment and so on – is equally low. Moreover, the household debtservice ratio, or how much after tax income Americans are devoting to debt payments, is near its lowest level ever and personal savings rates are near their highest level in twenty years. Lastly, corporate profits are once again on the rise, reducing slightly elevated stock market valuations. The above notwithstanding, a recession is always a possibility due to economic shocks emanating from abroad that can dramatically raise energy prices, or a war or an election that can hurt household spending and business confidence. However, other than that, it would probably take much stronger economic growth for a prolonged period before the Fed felt compelled to raise interest rates quickly enough to meaningfully slow down the economy and, in the process, possibly bring on a recession. In short, the current economic expansion that started in July 2009 looks increasingly likely to become the longest economic expansion ever. Increasing this potential is that even though wages and inflation are finally rising, the Fed has communicated its interest in seeing wages and inflation rise further as they have been too low for too long. So, enjoy the current expansion; it may well last a lot longer! Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs, LLC He can be reached at Elliot@graphsandlaughs.net. His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at www.econ70.com. 14

Private Lunch with O’Fallon Mayor Gary Graham The City of O’Fallon has a lot to brag about with many awards recognizing their community. They have healthy finances with property taxes making up only 1% of the City’s budget, AA+ bond rating, double the recommended amount of cash reserves, over $195,000,000 in total assets and 16 years of balanced budgets under the years of leadership that Mayor Graham has provided. O’Fallon is a very Builder friendly community with over 125 new home permits this year thru October of 2016 they lead the charts in St. Clair County as well as being #5 in the STL MSA in new homes starts on average from 2010 to 2014. O’Fallon currently has over 4,000 platted lots available. The Mayor shared his #1 goal has been to protect home values. The addition of the “Medical Mile” in 2017 was highlighted bringing in over 1,300 employees and potential $1.3 million in additional retail sales from 15,400 sq. ft of new space that will become available. Professional Women in Building Council members gather for a picture with Mayor Graham. Bottom row (left to right) Andrea West with Fulford Homes, Cherity Freeze with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Brittney Ragsdale with CA Jones Inc., Michelle Null with Benchmark Title, Jan Johnson with Garrett E. & Herschel E. Johnson RE & Dev., and Tracy Butler HBA Executive Officer. Top row (left to right) Chris Matteo with Fulford Homes, Linette Warnecke with TheBANK of Edwardsville, Shelly Leffler with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Beth Jacob with Jacob Family Enterprises, O’Fallon Mayor Gary Graham, Sue Schultz with Sandberg, Phoenix von Gontard and Mindy Shafer with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. O’Fallon Park is the 6th biggest venue in the STL region for visitors. The Family Sports Park will become a national tournament destination that has so much to offer and room for growth with more baseball fields and all weather turf soccer fields. Plans to improve downtown will tie in with the visitors that have been coming in for sporting events with transformations of First Street investments that will be funded from hotel tax revenue from out of town visitors all to be completed by fall of 2017. O’Fallon currently has over 1,000 hotel rooms and will be adding more as things progress. Mayor Graham was an absolutely delight as he shared the news and took questions from the audience. The Mayor will not be running for another term in April 2017 leaving a long list of respected leadership accolades. 15

November 2016 Renewed Members ABC Supply Company, Inc. Belleville News-Democrat Custom Audio & Video Installation Carpenter’s Regional Council CertainTeed Corporation Daech & Bauer Roofing, Inc. Fulford Homes LLC Helitech Waterproofing & Structural Repair Oasis Construction ProBuild Southwest IL Housing Advancement Fund Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Remodelers Council Belleville Supply Company FCB Banks / FirstCo Mortgage First Clover Leaf Bank Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors Liese Lumber Company Padgett Building & Remodeling Co., Inc. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (new) Yaekel & Associates, Inc. Professional Women in Building Council Custom Marble, Inc. (new) First Mid Illinois Bank & Trust (new) Fulford Home Remodeling (new) Fulford Homes LLC (2 new) November 2016 New Members Doug Payne & Judy Manning Ross Southern Illinois Realty, LLC 4002 State Rt. 159, Ste. 105 - Smithton, IL 62285 Phone: (618) 233-1101 Email: dougpayne21@yahoo.com Website: www.southernillinoisrealty.com Ryan Cox Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 1124 Hartman Dr., Suite 100 - Shiloh, IL 62221 Phone: (618) 641-2209 Email: ryan.cox2@wellsfargo.com Website: www.wfhm.com/ryan-cox1 16


2017 ANNUAL SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE LEVELS As an HBA Annual Sponsor, there are many benefits you will receive throughout the calendar year depending on the level you choose. Additional special benefits and recognitions for sponsors will be developed throughout the year, not to mention the increased business exposure. Recognition you cannot afford to miss out on! HOME SHOWS $6,000 (value $50,000) PLATINUM TIER $1,500 (value $3,000) GOLD TIER $1,000 (value $2,000) SILVER TIER $500 (value $1,000) BRONZE TIER $250 (value $500) All levels are negotiable with equal offerings for different events or promotions. Call the HBA office to personalize your tier.  Banner, newsletter and website logo recognition on home page, membership directory page and home show pages  Full Page Ads in Home Show Guides  Included in print ads, press releases, TV commercials for starters sharing your logo recognition with over 300,000+ consumers in our territory.  Limited to non-competing HBA member companies.  Free Booth Space - Two 10x10 in the Spring and One 10x10 in the Fall and signage/banners at the Home Shows along with admission discount recognition.  Installation Banquet complimentary tickets for 2  Banner, newsletter and website logo recognition on home page and membership directory page  1/4 Page Ad in Public Directory & Full Page in Membership Directory  Touch Program Logo Sponsor  Top Level Sponsorship at Sport Clay Shoot, Golf Outing, 3D Bow Shoot and Holiday Party Event Sponsorship  Banner, newsletter and website logo recognition on home page and membership directory page  Full Page Ad in the Membership Directory  Sport Clay Shoot Station Sponsor, Golf Outing Hole Sponsor, 3D Bow Shoot, Concession Sponsor and Holiday Party Wine Tasting Sponsor  Banner, newsletter and website logo recognition  1/2 Page Ad in the Membership Directory  Sport Clay Shoot Station Sponsor, Golf Outing Hole Sponsor, 3D Bow Shoot & Holiday Party entry for two (2)  Banner, newsletter and website logo recognition and quarterly newsletter half page ad Register your commitment level: ◊ Home Show $6,000 ◊ Platinum Tier $1,500 ◊ Gold Tier $1,000 ◊Silver Tier $500 ◊Bronze Tier $250 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Name Company ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Phone Email address Payment Options ___ Invoice Company ___ Check Enclosed ___ 3 month payment option (check or credit card) ___ Credit Card *credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee ________________________________________________ Credit Card# Visa or Mastercard ONLY Exp Date _____________________________________________________________ Signature Complete and return this form by January 31, 2017 to: Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois, 6100 West Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 Office: (618) 343-6331 - Fax: (618)343-6335 - Email: hba@hbaswil.org - www.hbaswil.org 18

2016 HBA Home Show Corporate Sponsors OFFICERS President, Jeff Schmidt - RLP Development 1st Vice President, Dave Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Co., Inc. 2nd Vice President, Joe Lanahan - Joe Lanahan Construction Services Associate Vice President, Mindy Shafer - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 2016 Home Builders Association Platinum Annual Sponsors Secretary, Jerry Yaekel, Jr. - Yaekel & Associates, Inc. Treasurer, Robb Treat - Guaranteed Rate, Inc. Immediate Past President, Chris Jones - C.A. Jones, Inc. 2016 HBA Gold Annual Sponsors 2016 HBA Silver Annual Sponsors DIRECTORS Jason Klein - Ameren Illinois Michelle Null - Benchmark Title Company Art Stumpf- AUTCOhome Appliances Joel Keel - Custom Floors & More Robert Dee Jr. - Homes by Deesign Joe Knox - Copious Technologies Beth Jacob - Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths Aaron Klemme - Klemme Construction Jason Huelsmann - New Tradition Homes Barbara Markham - RE/MAX Preferred, The Markham Network Mike Rathgeb - Spencer Homes Mark Vogt - Vogt Builders, Inc. 2016 HBA Bronze Annual Sponsors OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTORS Ken Diel - Diel & Forguson Mark Fulford - Fulford Construction Chris Matteo - Fulford Homes, LLC 19 John Snapat, CAPS, CGR - Fulford Home Remodeling Ron Padgett - Padgett Building & Remodeling Norm Etling - Village of Shiloh

6100 West Main Street Maryville, IL 62062-6688 Office (618) 343-6331 Fax: (618) 343-6335 Email: hba@hbaswil.org WWW.HBASWIL.ORG 20

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