Benefits of Belonging Home Builders Association of Greater Governmental Affairs Protect your livelihood thru legislation and advocacy. Powerful representation to defend you against excessive regulations locally, statewide and nationally. Opportunities for you to have your voice heard by our municipal officials and legislators. Networking Opportunities Grow your business with social events such as the Installation Banquet, Sport Clay Shoot, Golf Outing, Softball Tournament, Membership Events and many more throughout the year. Join a committee or council and work with other industry professionals monthly. Educational Opportunities Expand your skills with professional education. Seminars focused to comply and keep up with the latest trends and applications in today’s marketplace with regulations, new technologies and business strategies. Promote Your Business  Website exposure for all members that brings over 8,000 visitors monthly.  Spring Home Show in Belleville attracts over 5,000 consumers that offer exhibiting discounts for HBA members.  Annual Public Directory providing consumers with HBA member contact information received by 50,000 + local home owners.  Collective marketing opportunities to keep consumers and industry peers informed of member services and products. Industry Updates & Information *Monthly Newsletters *Weekly E-News *Code Compliance Links *Website Resources Cost Savings Benefit packages from Local, State and National programs designed to offer monetary savings for business needs such as insurance, computers, office supplies, GM vehicles, FedEx shipping and many others. Southwest Illinois MEMBERSHIP: THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN YOUR TOOL BELT! JOIN US TODAY! Please complete and return your Membership Application enclosed

Objections Answered How much is it? The investment is $595 and a portion is tax deductible. Your membership dues will be more than recouped when you utilize the many association benefits and services. Your cost of doing business would be higher if the association wasn’t working on your behalf. I don’t have the time.. Work smarter, not harder. We keep you informed and reduce the time you need to keep up with industry developments through many publications. HBA is all about money The HBA is a not-for-profit trade association that creates a zero balanced budget annually. The portion of local dues and fundraisers supports the staff and business expenses while promoting the industry to consumers and tradesmen alike. Maybe later Later may be too late. You really can’t afford to delay in being informed with the fast changes in the industry. Your support now will ensure that we continue to represent all facets of the industry. I have my own association that represents my specific interests. As a member of the HBA you would have more of your interests represented along with an inside track on the latest industry news, housing starts and the opportunity to work alongside peers to improve the industry for everyone’s benefit. Meeting times are not accommodating Meeting times and places vary depending on your involvement and needs. There are HBA activities at all times of the day, week and month to be involved with. Plus, any employee of your business can attend a meeting in your place. I’m too small - I can’t compete with the big guys. 70% of our builder members construct less than 25 units a year and started off just like you. It is your responsibility to be part of your industry professional organization

Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Page 2 COMPANY PROFILE: We can serve you better if we know you better. Please check your classification(s) from the list below Number of Employees: How many years in business: BUILDER MEMBER Single Family Spec/Tract Building Single Family General Contracting Single Family Custom Building Multifamily Building Multifamily General Contracting Remodeling - Residential Remodeling - Commercial Commercial Building Commercial General Contracting Land Development Manufacturing of Modular/Panelized/Log Homes Dollar Volume: Annual Dollar Volume (check one) ____ Under $500,000 ____ $1 mil - $4,999,999 ___ $5 mil - $9,999,999 ____ $10 mil or more ___ Under $500,000 - $999,999 ___ No construction activity Number of New Residential units built in last 12 months_____ ASSOCIATE MEMBER Accountant Architecture Engineering Planner or Designer Legal Services Comm’l Banking Thrift/Institution Mortgage Banking Insurance or Title Company Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Building Material Manufacturing Real Estate Subcontractor/Specialty Trade Contractor (please describe) Retail Dealers/Distributors (please describe) Wholesale Dealers/Distributors (please describe) Other (please specify) Under what trade reference would you like to be listed under in the HBASWIL Directory/Website? Please read and sign the Code of Ethics verifying your intentions to abide by this code. Code of Ethics As a member in good standing of the Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois, we believe in and accept the responsibilities and obligations inherent in our provision of housing, light commercial construction and any other services. Consistent with NAHB’s Code of Ethics contained in its constitution, we support the following objectives:  To conduct business affairs with professionalism, skill and written agreements.  To provide the best housing value possible.  To protect the consumer through the use of quality materials and construction practices backed by integrity and service.  To provide housing with high standards of safety, sanitation and livability.  To meet all financial obligations in a responsible manner.  To comply with the spirit and letter of business contracts, and manage employees, subcontractors and suppliers with fairness and honor.  To keep informed regarding public policies and other essential information which affect our business interests and those of the building industry as a whole.  To comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety and welfare of the community.  To keep honesty as our guiding business policy.  To provide timely response to items covered under warranty.  To seek to resolve controversies through a nonlitigation dispute resolution mechanism.  To support and abide by the decisions of the association in promoting and enforcing this Code of Ethics. Members assume the responsibilities in this Code of Ethics freely and solemnly and are mindful that these responsibilities are a part of the obligation as members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois. We believe that homeownership should be within reach of all Americans. Finally, because we hold inviolate the free enterprise system and American way of life, we pledge our support to our associates, our local, state and national associations, and all related industries concerned with the preservation of inalienable rights and freedoms. I agree to abide by the above Code of Ethics ___________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________ Date

Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION And affiliated membership with the Home Builders Association of Illinois National Association of Home Builders Page 1 Company Name___________________________________________________________________________________________________ **AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR ON ALL PUBLICATIONS** Public Address (P.O. BOX Not Accepted)___________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address (if different)___________________________________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________________ State__________________ Zip_______________________ Web Address_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description of Business_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Primary Contact Name_____________________________________________________ Title___________________________________ Phone___________________________________________________ Fax___________________________________________________ Mobile__________________________________________________ Email_________________________________________________ Sponsor Name (who told you about HBASWIL)_________________________________________________________________________ Business references: Company_________________________________________ Contact Name________________________ Phone____________________ Company_________________________________________ Contact Name________________________ Phone____________________ I agree to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics (and all amendments thereof) of the Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois (HBASWIL), the Home Builders Association of Illinois (HBAI) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). In the event of termination of membership this association, I agree to immediately discontinue use of its insignia and all of the membership benefit programs. A remittance of $595.00 representing my annual dues in the affiliated associations accompanies this application. I give the HBA of Greater Southwest Illinois authorization to contact the listed business references. _____________________________________________ Applicant Signature HBA of Greater Southwest IL Builder & Associate Annual Membership Dues $595 ____ Payment enclosed ____ Pay by credit card: Visa/MasterCard#______________________________________ Exp Date____________ V-Code___________ credit card payments will include an additional 4% convenience fee ____ Payment plan for 3 monthly installments (membership will not take full effect with HBASWIL, HBAI & NAHB until paid in full). This process is done with ACH funds being directly withdrawn from your bank account or payments made directly to HBASWIL office. NOTE: Dues payments to Home Builders Association of Greater Southwest Illinois are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, dues payments may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, subject to exclusion for lobbying activity. Because a portion of your dues is used for lobbying by NAHB and HBAI, a set amount is not deductible for income tax purposes. Please see your tax advisor. Send completed membership application & your annual membership investment to: HBA of Greater Southwest IL. 6100 W. Main St., Maryville, IL 62062 Ph: (618) 343-6331 Fax: (618) 343-6335 Website: www.hbaswil.org Application Process: Once the application is completely filled in and received with your payment representing annual dues, the application will be reviewed the Board of Directors of HBA of Greater Southwest IL.

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