2H ............................BELLEVILLE NEWS-DEMOCRATSUNDAY FEBRUARY 25 2018 Have Ugly Concrete? NO TEAR OUT REQUIRED! PerfectSolutionsfor Basementsand Commercial InteriorsToo! GOES OVER YOUR EXISTINGCONCRETE! METALLIC EPOXY FLOORING “Wehave suffered with an uglybroken concrete porchand sidewalk formany years. Theepoxy treatment hasrestored andmade them likenew.” Bill and Bonnie Keel PEBB N EPOXY COATING Ugly Basement or Garage Floor? Shawn Wolf “The Concrete Doctor” BIGGESTSAVINGS OF THE YEAR!! SAVE $500-$1500 314-665-3126 1-844-FIX-UGLY(349-8459) stonecraftresurfacing.com Savings basedonjob size SENIOR,MILITARY &FIRSTRESPONDERDISCOUNTS! Call fordetails.ExpiresMarch31, 2018 Locallyowned andfamilyoperated L O E E T P S O E XY

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