SUNDAY FEBRUARY 25 2018 BELLEVILLE NEWS-DEMOCRAT ..................... 19H WhatWeDoTogether Makesthisa strongerMetro-East, astrongercommunity The Gettoknowm.e.(GTKME) campaign was launched to helpeveryoneinthe Metro-Eastget to know their community better,embracingthe people wholive andworkhereand themanyattractions that we all shareand enjoy. The campaign also strivestopromote theareatoother communities in an efforttoattractinterestinour region.Tosupport this campaign, variousbusinesseshaveteamedtogethertoorganize andfundacomprehensive,positive-imagemarketing campaign forthe Metro-Eastand fund visibleprojectstohelpmakeour community even stronger. Alleffortswill be aimedatcelebrating our communities andserving thepeoplewho call theMetro-East“home.” We hope youjoinusinthiseffort to make theMetroEast even better. Here aresomeofthe multiple projectsGTKME Host Sponsors have rolled outthusfar: •Thegroup developedthe GTKMEwebsite whichservesasthe campaign’s information hub, featuringhostsponsorsand projects, andasa centralizedplatformtosubmitand view events in the Metro-East. •Wewrapped twoMetroLinktrainswiththe GTKMEmessage. •Thehostsponsor groupdesignedand placed 60+ GTKME benches throughout theMetro-East,from theGraftonlighthousetonew Valmeyer,and everywhere in between. •Wesolicitedessaysabout living in theMetro-Eastfrom local college/universitystudents, andawarded $24,000 to 12 local students, from nearly 250 submitted essays. •Wesponsored 43 KSDK “ShowMeSt. Louis” andKMOV“Great DaySt. Louis” segments about thecampaign’shostsponsorsand their commitmenttothe community. •Our groupparticipatedinareaparades andevents, spreadingthe positive word about theinitiative. •WehostedonlineMetro-East photoand videocontests. •Wedeveloped avideoabout thequality of lifeinthe Metro-East for onlineand television in 2016. •OrganizedGTKME Nightatthe Ballpark uniting 2,000 supporters of thecampaignatSt. LouisCardinal baseball games. Forinformation aboutbecoming ahost sponsor in 2018, call Carol Bartle at 618-398-6546. Some business categories are limited, so please call forclarification. Wantto join us? Shareyourideas on ourwebsite Get2KnowTheMetroEast.com. Help us keep theconversationgoing about whythe Metro-East is agreat placetowork, live andplay.

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