2040 Plan adjusts to changing mobility needs Whether traveling to work, school, entertainment or the airport, residents and visitors in North Texas have access to more than 140 bus routes, 93 miles of light rail, 35 miles of commuter rail, modern streetcars, vanpools and paratransit services in the DART Service Area. Building and maintaining the largest multimodal transit system in North Texas requires detailed short- and long-term planning. DART is updating its long-range Transit System Plan to address the changing mobility needs of the region through 2040. Since adoption of the 2030 Transit System Plan in 2006, the region has continued to experience rapid growth. The agency is using the most up-to-date information on land use, demographic growth and travel patterns in the region. The new 2040 Plan outlines projects, programs and services that maintain and improve the DART System for current and future North Texans. DART’s transit system has grown rapidly because the agency has leveraged nearly every federal grant and financing program available, including full-funding grant agreements, Recovery Act grants, TIGER grants, TIFIA loans and Build America Bonds. Executing the 2040 Plan requires the continuation of such predictable, long-term federal funding tools. Learn more: DART.org/2040 DART collaborates with the city of Dallas to expand transportation options downtown, including transit services like the D-Link circulator route and the modern Dallas Streetcar. 3

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