Table of Contents DART: North Texas’ Mobility Manager 2 2040 Plan adjusts to changing mobility needs 3 Investing in a Growing Region 4 D2 to improve mobility systemwide 5 Cotton Belt to connect region 6 Platform extensions to increase capacity 8 Central Link to integrate streetcar systems 9 Putting New Tools in Riders’ Hands 10 See something? Say something with new app 11 Tap and go with new payment card 12 More features with new version of GoPass 13 Mobility on Demand 14 On-demand service reaches new riders 15 New carpooling app matches passengers with drivers 15 On the Cover: DART is working on the design and engineering for three major capital projects that will expand rail capacity and connect pieces of North Texas’ transportation system. Transit-Oriented Development Grows North Texas 16 The Cedars in Dallas 17 Parkland Hospital’s new campus in Dallas 17 Las Colinas Urban Center in Irving 18 Downtown Plano Arts District 19 Historic Downtown Carrollton 19 CityLine in Richardson 20 1

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