Several mixed-use housing developments and the city’s event stage at McCall Plaza have brought new life to the Downtown Plano Arts District near Downtown Plano Station. Arrival of the Green Line at Downtown Carrollton Station attracted new housing, restaurants and special events to Historic Downtown Carrollton. Downtown Plano Arts District The opening of DART’s Downtown Plano Station in 2002 ignited renewed interest and reinvestment in the city’s aging downtown area. Guided by the 1999 Downtown Plano Transit Village Plan, developers, small-business owners and the city of Plano have revived the heart of the city. Historic buildings have been converted to shops, restaurants, museums, art galleries and office space. New construction has added more than 1,000 residential units, including apartments, condos and single-family homes. “DART ignited a renaissance and today downtown Plano is a vibrant destination for shopping, dining, the arts and cultural experiences,” Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said. With ample opportunities for redevelopment and infill projects, the city is planning for downtown Plano’s continued growth, such as new housing, businesses, shopping and entertainment. The prospect of a Cotton Belt transit station on downtown Plano’s south side further expands the district’s potential. Historic Downtown Carrollton Passenger rail is driving development in downtown Carrollton, as it did in the early 1900s. With the arrival of the DART Green Line in 2010, the city reimagined its downtown. The city improved walkability by recreating public spaces, pushing parking to the outskirts of the area and adding a walk-bike path between the square and Downtown Carrollton Station. Carrollton strategically recruited a top-tier developer to create a mixed-use housing development. Built in phases, Union at Carrollton Square offers over 4,600 square feet of ground-floor restaurant space and more than 300 apartments. The project was the city’s first major transit-oriented residential development. The city continues to attract unique shopping and dining experiences around the square, which is anchored by a signature gazebo. Downtown Carrollton now hosts special events year-round, including its capstone event, Festival at the Switchyard. 19

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