See something? Say something with new app Now when riders see something, there’s a new way for them to say something. The new DART Say Something app empowers customers to report concerns to DART Police discreetly. Riders can select the type of incident and location through drop-down menus, type additional details, and add a photo or short video. “Many people are afraid to call the police during a situation, but no one pays attention if you are typing on a smartphone,” DART Police Chief James Spiller said. Users have two options: provide their name and contact information or submit reports anonymously. Two-way communication allows police dispatchers to request further details. The DART Say Something app, created by ELERTS, is available for both Apple and Android devices. Non-smartphone users can text DART Police to report problems. Learn more: DART.org/DARTSaySomething DART is capitalizing on riders’ use of mobile technology by expanding the ways people plan trips and pay for transportation services. 11

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