MARKET RESEARCH REPORTS PROVE VALUABLE TO OHIO COMPANIES Through a strategic investment, CIFT has access to a continuously updated collection of market research information. With this service, CIFT provides its members with information about new product trends, the latest in packaging innovations, emerging processing technologies, and competitive analysis of new and existing markets, as information relates to their particular market. Such information is critical for companies to maintain a competitive edge in both new and established markets. CIFT promoted the value of this service, which provides one market research report annually to each member company, as a compliment to inclusion within the consortium. Additional reports are available for a nominal fee. Technology literature reviews are also available. A number of companies responded to the outreach with strong interest, and as a result, CIFT provided five market research reports in one month alone, with additional reports continually in process. Members were able to request topics of interest from CIFT and receive a report that was tailored specifically to their needs. Some examples of reports include recently published information about supplements, gluten, clean labels, food trends, private label foods, coffee flavors, cheese and whey, snack foods, yogurt, and even a report about pet foods. T ECHN O L O G Y P R O GR A M | 9

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