A project was initiated with Brewster Cheese Co. and The Ohio State University to determine the microbiological populations (microbiota) of milk, starter cultures and downgraded Swiss cheese samples obtained from Brewster Dairy to better understand the potential causes of cheese defects to develop targeted controls. The project also aims to isolate or validate the presence of targeted microbes with potential to be the causative agents by conventional methods. Increasing knowledge regarding Swiss cheese microbes can reduce the economic loss that is seen due to defects such as brown spots, blow holes, and splits-and-cracks. This project was initiated because the contributors of microbes to cheese quality remain unknown due to limitation in detection technology. Dedicated to providing food service equipment for more than 50 years, Henny Penny and Leader Engineering-Fabrication are working to improve food service with the development of a next generation fryer. The objective of this project is to design a frying chamber which would be compatible with a fully automated fryer for use in restaurants or food service establishments to fry primarily French fries and hash browns. Successful design and implementation of the automated batch fryer could boost the output of a restaurant kitchen in an existing store footprint. T ECHN O L O G Y P R O GR A M | 11

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