100% RECYCLABLE LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The AISI304 stainless steel we use for our bathroom taps is 100% recyclable. When a product made of this special material finally reaches the end of its long service life, it remains a valuable source of its main alloying elements chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These can be easily recovered and returned to the production process. Stainless steel recycling is an economically viable, self-sustaining process. ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Selected for their durability and quality, the materials we use for our taps, basins and baths, guarantee a long life span and are Eco-friendly. Not only because the material itself is recyclable and lead-free, but also because we use special water saving techniques footprint as small as possible. to keep the carbon Pb LEAD FREE TAPS COCOON cares for you and for the world. The exposed parts are made of AISI304 stainless steel and are by nature LEAD FREE. For projects in California and Vermont where special requirements of the California Health and Safety Code (commonly known as AB 1953) and Vermont Act 193 concerning lead in potable water systems apply, COCOON can deliver 100% stainless steel build-in valves for the wall mounted basin mixers, to be fully compliant to these standards. COCOON is proud to only use cold working methods for our stainless steel and solid surface material and does not influence global warming. The energy that powers the production is certified clean, water is saved and waste is separated to be recycled, to reduce the impact of the company on the ecosystem. THE COCOON STANDARDS WATER SAVING COCOON taps and showers can be ordered with a flow-limiting aerator, reducing water consumption without compromising experience. The result: a satisfying, voluminous flow that never exceeds 5 litres per minute, which is as kind to your pocket as it is to the environment. Using less water means less energy is required to heat the water. In addition to reducing your annual water consumption, installing a COCOON bathroom tap will help reduce your energy bills too. CERTIFICATIONS COCOON became an important reference within the sector for sustainable design and production. The components of our stainless steel tap collections, which are machined by high-tech equipment, are certified for their performance and safety by the most renowned Certifying Institutes in the world. 6 7

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