Lions Club at The University of Texas 2017-2018 Yearbook

Table of Contents Introduction Presidential Address Executive Membership Service Service Austin Animal Shelter CTX Food Bank Harvey Relief It's My Park Day UT Microfarm Brookdale Christmas Adminstration Treasury Health Initiatives Committee Legacy Hands for Hope Clean Lady Bird Lake Sims Elementary Clean Up El Buen Samaritano Lions Leap Special Olympics Social ABP Christmas Potluck IM Sports Pumpkin Carving Amazing Race AustiNights Fall Charter Banquet Jump USA Painting With a Twist LBJ Lawn Picnic Spring Camping Tennis Tournament Paintballing Peter Pan Mini Golf Graffiti Park

Presidential Address Lions Club is the world’s largest service organization and here at UT, we focus on providing service to our local communities. Our motto is ‘We Serve’. To me, this means that where there is a need, there is a Lion. Our vision this year is to foster ongoing passion for service while building lasting relationships through meaningful community engagement. Through this year, I have learned what it takes to be a leader, a friend, a team worker, a volunteer, and a Lion. Lions Club has done so much for me and all I can say is thank you for choosing me as your 2017-2018 president. Thank you for giving me a chance to spark my flame of passion in service and in people. I hope you all find your flame to fuel your burning passion in life! Lastly, lions! Roar!

Executive Committee Drew Orland Vice President Sarah Lee Membership Director The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers of Lions Club. Individually, each executive officer runs a core committee of the club. Together, they hand the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of the club and oversee all club operations. Tina Nguyen President Alex Nguyen Secretary Michael Chen Treasurer

MEMBERSHIP Committee The Membership Committee seeks to add value for our members by fostering a sense of community and building those lasting college connections. That being said, we are careful to make sure that our social events never take away from our service focus. Kaycee Armstrong Social Chair Andy Lin Social Chair Sarah Lee Membership Director Timothy Tran Sports Chair Sarah Nguyen Social Chair Jaylene Vu Sports Chair Timmy Nguyen Sports Chair Zee Hussain Senior Membership Chair

SERVICE COMMITTEE The Service Committee is in charge of planning and coordinating all service related initiatives of the Lions Club at The University of Texas at Austin. Our main priority is to act as an “opportunitiy provider” for those who wish to serve. Service Committee Members maintain contact with volunteering coordinators for future events, and we turn to our members themselves for ideas on what we can do next. Katelynn Whittington Service Chair Hector Belmares Service Chair Brandon Thint Service Chair Feliciano Perez Service Chair Christina Vo Senior Service Chair Drew Orland Vice President Lambert Tio Service Chair

Administrationcommittee Alex Nguyen Secretary Kaitlyn Trowbridge Senior Media Chair The Administration Prachi Surbhi Admin Chair Committee works behind the scenes to make sure the club operates smoothly. They update member information, Sierra Prempeh Webmaster record community service hours, and ensure that all of the club’s important memories are stored. Sheevaam Patel PR Chair Natalie Stutts Media Chair Sarita Hangtagool Media Chair Ningxin Liu Media Chair Victor Nguyen Media Chair

Treasurycommitteel The treasury committee is the core committee that handles the clubs Michael Chen Treasurer funds and is responsible for giving us freebies at GM! They work hard to make sure that each committee has enough funds to organize great events and essentially keeps the club running Chaitanya Tambi Senior Chair Rubi Delgado Chair Kasey Rhone Chair Shrey Sachdeva Chair

Health Initiatives Committee Brandon Nguyen Committee Head Melissa Natividad Committee Chair Michelle Ibadipo Committee Chair Olivia Iheme Committee Chair Sarah Remelius Committee Chair The core focus of the Health Initiatives Committeeis to actively contribute to the health programs and goals established by Lions Club International. Our committee serves to better dedicate its services towards events that benefit the health of the community, be it vision, diabetes, or hearing.

Legacy Special Committee Carina Tran Chair Khoi Le Chair Tracy Chea Head Chau Nguyen Chair Jacqueline Ma Chair Our mission is to carry a legacy through UT Lions Club and the Austin community. Projects include executing at least one big service event, planning the Spring Break Trip, and establishing a name for UT Lions Club on campus.

Journey Into Service

Animal Shelter The Austin Animal Shelter was a popular reccuring fall event where lions walked dogs, played with cats, and de-stressed while helping out the greater Austin community

Central Texas Food Bank This time, lions members went to Central Texas Food Bank for cleaning the donate stuffs and catagorized them one by one. “This is my favourite service event in Lions club!” said by Natilie. the media chair of Lions. Indeed, we spent a wonderful time there!

Lions put their hands together to make relief packages and got crafty with handmade cards for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey! Hurricane Harvey Relief

UT MICROFARM Lions went to the UT MicroFarm where we planted, harvested, composted, weeded, mulched, beautification and more!

Brookdale Christmas At the fi nal week, we went to the Brookdale Senior Center and had a great Christmas with these lovely elderly. We had the Chiristmas parade for them and sang the Christmas carol together. It’s so glad to see these elderly smile and enjoy such a holiday!

Clean Lady Bird Lake Lions kayaked around the beautiful Lady Bird Lake and helped pick up trash along the shore banks We were able to collect items from tennis balls to a traffic cone

Sims Elementary Clean Up We got our hands dirty to help clean up and beautify the pollination and rain gardens at Sims Elementary!

El Buen Samaritano El Buen Samaritano is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a variety of resourceso the low-income families in our area. Lions helped contribute to this wonderful organization by participating in the garden renovations of the community grounds!

Lions Leap: Spring Break Trip Legacy Committee hosted the 4th annual Lions Leap spring break trip! Over the course of 4 days, we volunteered in Dallas at the Garland Habitat for Humanity and Eisenhower State Park in Oklahoma! We stayed at a lake house in Oklahoma where we played games, watched movies, and made s’mores and countless memories!

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Soaring into Socials

Austin Bouldering Project Lions daringly climbed the walls of the Austin Bouldering Project! Lions daringly climbed the walls of the Austin Bouldering Project!

Pumpkin Carving Social Lions took to their spooky side to carve out some amazing haLLoween decorations. aLthough most of the fun was had before Light, the Lanterns Looked strikingLy frightening once the sun set.

1st:#Rush3310 2nd:The Winners 3rd:Squad Goals The Amazing Race was held on the eve of Halloween. Lions competed in many different challenges testing their physical, mental , and emotional strengtH.

Austi Graffiti Park Throughout the year lions visited major Austin tourist sites and explored what Austin has to offer outside of the universitiy’s campus Q

N Nights Moana Viewing Mount Bonnel St. Edwards Trail

It is Christmas potluck time! We had so many delicious food from Lions members! We played card games and built gingerhouse. And the most excited part must be White Elephant. Seems like everyone got what they want. CHRITMAS POTLUCK

IM SPORTS Lions participated in all different kinds of sports ranging from flag football to volleyball to basketball.

Peter Pan Mini-Golf Lions take a break from school and go mini-golfing at Austin’s Peter Pan Mini Golf!

Graffiti Park Social Lions visited the Graffiti Park in Castle Hills before it closed down. At this landmark in Austin, Lions took pictures and enjoyed contributing to the local cultural art of Austin by making their own mark!

Superlatives Dynamic Duo Best Dressed Most Photogenic Silent but Deadly Biggest Meme

Fountain of Youth Most Likely to Cure Cancer Mr. Lions Ms. Lions Ms. Congeniality Clown

Hey d-T-e-R-a-A-d-C-wY-e-C-i-H-g-E-h-A-t! JK :-) Tracy Chea -David Do Nick Nguyen What’s up non-paid and non-active member! Aka - Nick Nguyen -David Do Chau Nguyen You are an inspiration. I admire you as a person. I know you always say that I have made an impact on you, but you are who I strive to be. Thank you for being you. -Tina Nguyen Sarah Lee Sleepyhead Sleepy Sleep Slee Salee Sarlee Saralee Sarahlee : Sarah Lee? - David Do Chau Nguyen You are such an inspiration. You put your heart into everything you do, and I appreciate all the work and passion you put into Lions. -Zee Hussain Chaitanya Tambi TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI TAMBI <3 Sarah Lee Sarah Nguyen Thanks for always being cheerful :-) -David Do David Do You suck @ League. Please get better, thx. Cy@ -Tracy Chea Anthony Liu World’s greatest EMT, but fails at saving food. :-( -David Do Sarah Nguyen You believe in others so believe in yourself! You have done a lot for this organization and I hope that you take this experience and make it your own. Love ya, girly! -Tina Nguyen

Service To my service padawans: I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together this year. You’ve all grown so much, and I know I’ve grown because of the lessons I’ve learned from you. I can’t wait to see all the great things you’ll accomplish in the future! -Drew Orland To my membership crew, its been a pleasure and blast working with y’all. Honestly, I can say without a doubt this will go down as one of my top college experiences so far. I wish for nothing but the best for all of y’all moving forward. -Big Timmy Nguyen Membership Christina Vo I can’t imagine getting through this year without you by my side. We shared a vision for service in this club and built a fantastic team to help us realize that vision. I know you’re just as proud of our service babies as I am, so thank you for inspiring our committee with your passion for service and friendship. -Drew Orland words cannot explain your amazing personality. You always notice the smallest of things and I really appreciate it. You are such a wonderful friend and I am truly blessed to have you as my friend. And since the beginning of our friendship, I enjoy every moments and memories of it. I will always treasure these memories and look back on it with a smile. Thank-you Tina and I look forward to more memories! :-) -David Do Tina Nguyen Tambbiii, your open-minded ideas and passions have greatly influence my perspective of things. I always enjoy your company and conversions! Good luck Tambi and have fun! P.S – I think I’m pretty artistic. ;-) -David Do Chaitanya Tambi

To my EXEC family: Thanks for all the love and laughs this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better squad to journey through this crazy year with. -Drew Orland The Membership Committee has been such a huge part of my first year at UT and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for being truly amazing, kind, genuine, and unique people that have changed my life. Most of all, thank you for your friendship and laughter this year. -Andy Lin

Thank you guys for being my best friends this year, I loved having all of you as a part of Membership Committee. I’m so proud of everything you all have accomplished this year, and I’m so excited to see what you all will do with Lions in the future :) -Zee Hussain Hey HICkeys!! Can you believe how far we’ve come since our first committee meeting? I can’t encapsulate how much I appreciate each of you in 50 words, but thank you for everything. Y’all truly showed the club what a group of passionate individuals can do, and I couldn’t be more proud. -Brandon Nguyen

LEGACY, I could not have asked for a better team to work with this year. I know I say it all the time, but it’s true. You guys are truly amazing, and I am so thankful that I was able to work alongside you all. Love you guys <3. -Tracy Chea Tina, thank you for all that you do for me as a president and as my best friend. I can’t believe that it’s been three whole years since we’ve joined Lions. Thank you for reminding me of what being a Lion truly means and why I love this organization, ily. -Tracy Chea

To my amazing executive team, thank you for doing what you do every day. You guys have made this year unforgettable! I wish nothing but the best for each and everyone of you. Thanks for giving me memories that I can look back at and smile. :) -Tina Nguyen Tambi, where do I even begin?! Thank you for doing so much for this organization. It sucks that you are leaving, but I know you’re going to be doing great things in life. I hope Lions has touched your heart because you have touched mine! -Tina Nguyen

Sarah, no matter what, I am always here to support you. You have grown so much and I hope you know that. Continue to be that sassy, weird, Californian girl that you are! Excited to constantly get your Mac-N-Cheese next year :D -Tina Nguyen Tracy, thank you so much for being an amazing head and an even better best friend. I’m so proud of your personal growth as a leader and I hope you continue to believe in yourself. -Tina Nguyen

Admin, thank you so much for everything you guys have done for Lions. I could not have worked with a better group of awesome, motivated, excited people. I am so proud of how each and every single one of you have grown. Thank you for everything. -Alex Nguyen To my EXEC family, you guys are alright. Thanks for putting up with my jokes. Love y’all. -Alex Nguyen

Memz, You guys have made me so proud to call you my chairs! Seeing you all grow as a person, become a stronger leader, and build friendships within the committee has been the highlight of my year. Love you guys! <3 Big Sarah To NEXEC, I’m so proud of everything y’all have accomplished. You’ll have good times this coming year and you’ll have bad times. What matters the most is that you guys have each other’s backs. I’m so excited to see what more you all will accomplish. Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun! -Alex Nguyen

To everyone in Lions Club, we thank you so much for getting to the end of Admin’s Yearbook. We worked really hard on this and we all appreciate you taking the time to go through it. We hope that you found countless memories within this book. Thank you for everything you have done for Lions Club, we could not have done it without you. Without you, there would be no Lions Club. We hope you had a GREAT year and we can’t wait to keep working with each and everyone of you! ADM 2017-2018

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